SHOP ADVISORY (ENGLAND): Since the 30th of November and following the recent update to government COVID-19 guidelines, a face covering must be worn in store unless you're exempt. For more information, please click HERE.

LIVE SCOREBOARD ISSUE: There's an ongoing technical issue in our live scoreboard feature.

We're now working on getting this resolved as a priority and this feature will be available again at a later time.

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Without these cookies, services you have asked for via our website or app, such as access to transactional pages, secure login accounts would not be possible.

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We use performance/analytics cookies to analyse how our websites and apps are accessed, used, or performing in order to provide you with a better user experience and to maintain, operate and continually improve our website.

Some of our cookies record information about choices you've made on previous visits to our website, and allow us to tailor our website to you.

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We use Google Analytics, which is a web analytics tool that help us understand how users engage with our website.

Like many services, Google Analytics use first-party cookies to track user interactions.

These cookies allow us (via such third parties) to collect information about how users use our website.

This information is used to compile reports (which disclose website trends but without identifying individual visitors) and to help us improve our website.

Performance and analytics cookies allow us to continually review and improve the layout and functionality of our website to give you the best experience, including:

  • better understand the way visitors use and interact with our website so that we can improve how we present our content;
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  • collect information about visitors to our website, such as what devices and browsers our visitors use;
  • determine the number of unique users of our website;
  • improve our website by measuring any errors that occur;
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We allow third party companies, including advertising companies, to place cookies on our website.

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Cookies also allow us and third parties to know whether you have seen an advert (or a type of advert), and how long it has been since you have last seen it.

This information is used for frequency capping purposes, to help tailor the adverts you see, and to measure the effectiveness of adverts.

We can use information from one device to help personalise your experience on another device.

Research Cookies

We use research cookies to gather customer feedback on our website which enables us to process customer opinion on our website and apps.

We use a third party, Usabilla, to provide the feedback tool that we use, and allows us to better understand our customers so that we can:

  • Improve the website accordingly; and
  • Conduct research and diagnostics to improve product offerings.

Third Party Cookies

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